Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University has added another feather to its hat with the advent of the first Community Radio Service in the entire North Eastern region. 'Jnan Taranga' 90.4 FM is introducing Volunteering facility. This is again the first of its kind in the entire country that a Community Radio Service is providing such an opportunity.

  • Come and be a part of the first Community Radio Service of the NE.
  • Bring out the soul enriched with talent within you and join the Jnan Taranga family.
  • Help to reach out the voice of the unreached.


Priviledges And Responsibilities As Jnan Taranga Volunteer

  • As a Jnan Taranga volunteer you will have certain responsibilities.
  • Your work should reflect your mission and your goal.
  • Your work should solely be dedicated to the community and for the community.
  • The motive of the work should and alone depend on developmental work and not profit.
  • The priveledges as a volunteer of Jnan Taranga, you will be able to gather experience in radio production.
  • You will get ample opportunity to brush up your skills and bring out your talent.


Radio Reporters/ Vounteers

  1. Ms. Sangeeta Choudhury
  2. Ms. Sarifuz Zaman
  3. Ms. Mamoni Talukdar
  4. Ms. Bhanu Gohain
  5. Ms. Reetu Gogoi
  6. Ms. Jugasmita Sarma
  7. Ms. Rumi Das
  8. Ms. Lipika Sarma
  9. Mr. Bikash Bordoloi
  10. Mr. Santa Kalita
  11. Mr. Chinmoy Kalita