The Community Radio acts as a nodal agency for implementing awareness programme initiated by global and national development organizations, like UNICEF, UNESCO, CEMCA, ASDMA, DST, CRA etc.
1) "AYUSH for Immunity" sponsored by AUYUSH & CEMCA in December 2020.
2) "COVID-19 S&D prevention campaigns and COVID-19 vaccination (myths and misconception; FAQs)" sponsored by CRA and UNICEF in February 2021.
3) "Poll Check (2020-2021) sponsored by Google News Initiative India Training Network in March 2021.
3) "Engaging Community Radio Stations for Information, Education and Communication campaign (IEC): International Yoga Day 2021 sponsored by AYUSH and CEMCA in April 2021.
4) "Engaging communities for prevention of COVID- 19 and promotion of COVID vaccination including hesitancy and eagerness" sponsored by CRA & UNICEF in June 2021.
5) "Engaging community Radios to Empower Adolescents and Youth for COVID 19 Response as #YoungWarriors" sponsored by CRA & UNICEF in July 2021.